Hardly any other product is subject to such a pressure to innovation as the car

Individual mobility is impossible without trailblazing cars. SMA Metalltechnik supports vehicle manufacturers with cost-effective solutions in pipe-making.


"A car has to be sexy and ecological at the same time – then it will be bought."

Matthias Wissmann, VDA President

This sentence from Matthias Wissmann sounds simple enough, but it presents vehicle developers and manufacturers with big challenges.
Maximum energy efficiency, great utility value, high quality and safety standards as well as cost-effective production have to be harmonised in the manufacturing of cars. Every detail matters if all requirements are to be met successfully. Even tried-and-tested concepts have to be continually reconceived. Every component and every assembly has to contribute today to make the car and in turn individual mobility sustainable.

SMA Metalltechnik – the high-performance partner for the automotive industry

High quality, more economical and with a higher performance – automotive connection technology from SMA is completely convincing where refrigerant pipes,
coaxial heat exchangers, heating pipes, oil pipes and compressed air pipes are concerned.


Our development and manufacturing expertise covers the complete standard range for the equipment of all common cars. SMA Metalltechnik's fully automated production locations enable the manufacture of smaller units in addition to large-scale series production. Vehicles whose exclusiveness keeps them out of the top third of the new registration lists are equipped by us with the same care and quality. Car makers are always at the cutting edge with SMA

Together with many premium OEMs we work constantly to refine our products and adapt them to new requirements. In doing so we never lose sight of the reliability, the cost-effectiveness and the quality of the product.

There's always room for a little more – coaxial heat exchangers from SMA Metalltechnik are in a class of their own

On the basis of our core competence in cooling pipe construction,

we have particularly distinguished ourselves in recent years in the field of highly complex coaxial heat exchangers.


For many vehicle manufacturers our products set the standard in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. Our enormously high degree of automation creates the basis for the manufacture of coaxial heat exchangers, which have successfully established themselves on the market. In this way we are further strengthening our position in the market – from a technological point of view too!

Electromobility in view

In principle, the same requirements apply to electric cars. The saving of weight and thus the maximum efficiency of the energy utilised are the top priority here. Pipes and heat exchangers from SMA Metalltechnik help to achieve efficient consumption results.

Through our close co-operation with well-known German and European OEMs in the field of electromobility we are one of the first ports of call for discerning customers in this field too.

Sustainable mobility requires that everyone involved should be prepared to take new roads. Take these new roads with SMA Metalltechnik and benefit from a high-performance automotive supplier that will accompany you every step of the way with experience and passion for the common goal.